When we look into hand-written drawings or precious archives kept in a warehouse, we will find Japan’s distinguished technologies, creativity and enthusiasm of craftsmen in those days. EYEVAN produced multitudes of products and one of the series called “EYEVAN CRAFT” was represented what craftsmen around that time truly wanted to make using the highest technology available in those days. EYEVAN 7285 strongly inspired by design, production method and aesthetics of EYEVAN CRAFT and this project was started from collect information from a manufacturing manager at that time.

EYEVAN 7285 is reconstructed based on hand-written drawings and archives of EYEVAN CRAFT, disassembling parts and designs used at that time. We have updated details and altered the sizes to adjust segmentalized various fashion. These items draw out the personality who wears these eyewear. EYEVAN 7285 is inspired by products and concepts of EYEVAN between when it was launched in 1972 and their global debut in 1985, taking over the philosophy of EYEVAN. That is why we decided to name the brand “EYEVAN 7285” with respect. Regarding the brand logo, EYEVAN used several logos at that time and we chose the one in the simplest and timeless design.

New Shop in town ! Lunetier Ludovic opticien à Bruxelles ouvre ses portes.

Lunettes sur mesure.jpg

Lunetier Ludovic un nouvel opticien à Bruxelles ouvre ses portes. Un nouveau service unique en Belgique pour les porteurs de lunettes. Des lunettes sur mesures, fabriquées dans l'atelier de la maison par Ludovic Elens, lui-même. Partant d'un dessin jusqu'à la création finale.

Ce nouveau magasin d'optique propose aussi les examens de vue, d'autres montures de créateurs et bien entendu les verres.