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Notre créativité se démontre également dans nos nombreuses vitrines osées et spectaculaires.

En ce début d'année 2019 nous avons voulu mettre en avant un grand artiste Arnd Christian Müller avec son oeuvre "Panda Twins". Cette oeuvre est en parfaite cohérence avec notre métier. Elle nous surprend par la transparence de sa matière, ses ombres et ses lumières.

Nous vous invitons à venir la voir de plus près au Sablon dans la vitrine de Lunetier Ludovic. Cet artiste internationnalement reconnu pourra vous concevoir également des pièces sur mesure.

Découvrer ses oeuvres ou ses projets d'architecture d'intérieur :

“Panda Twins”

Bubble Series

Makrolon 220cm 110cm 1.5cm / 200cm 100cm 1.5cm

Berlin, Germany 2017

Arnd Christian MÜLLER

Panda bears, with their world-famous white-black patterned fur and the typical organic forms, let the artist decide to use his bubble series for this specific work. The cut-out areas, each based on the same, strictly geometric pattern of three translucent Makrolon sheets, correspond to the artist's imaginative and interpretive eye with the characteristics of the panda appearance.

Playful, dynamic and yet reduced to what is necessary, the “Panda Twins" know how to surprise: by the materiality, the iridescent transparency and shading, the presence or absence of light and colors, the white and an anthracite colored layers. The two slightly larger works with the rectangular frame of the original Makrolon sheet symbolize the need to protect the Panda population from extinction - protected against enemies, fenced in, their survival is guaranteed. On the other hand, the two somewhat smaller works, which form meandering shapes from the remaining, cut-out areas.

The symbol for the free, playful and charming character of the Pandas and the necessary animal and species protection efforts on our planet without borders. As with most of Arnd's works, light and shadow are elementary and form not only an extension, but a unity with the art piece. So here the free-forms project graffiti-like shadows, depending on where the light starts and ends. They are the ones that make the beholder dig much deeper into the subject of animal and species protection. They predict the shadow of our actions.

Arnd Christian Müller